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Road Tax is kind of council tax. The Municipality gets this tax from the owners of the properties in the area the new road is build. That is why it is called “Road Tax”. It is one off. You do not have to pay it again.

When you pay it straight away the council gives you some discount. There is an option that you can pay it in installments if you like. If you do not pay it this year, you can leave now and you can pay it when you have some money.

They would not come to your house with Bailiff to ask that money, only if you want to sell your property you need to get a document from Council and they do not give you that document before you pay all the outstanding bills.

Council tax is the same, if you do not have money this year, leave it to next near. There will be small interest on it but nothing more. And nobody will ring your doorbell asking for the council tax. However as I stated above, if you would like to sell the property you will have to pay all outstanding bills to the Council.