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The Beder Law Firm offers legal services to both individuals and business that need legal expertise in conducting business and other legal matters in Turkey.

Real property, civil litigation, criminal defense, human rights inheritance matters are just a few of the many areas of expertise that are part of the Beder Law Firm’s offerings.



1) LEGAL HELP: We offer legal services covering a wide range of areas including: real estate matters, civil litigation, criminal cases, estate cases, tort claims and human rights issues.

2) CONVEYANCING: Buying property can be a complicated process and involving a lot of people and paperwork. Buying real estate in Turkey is different from buying a real estate in another country. The laws and processes are different. Attempting to enter into any kind of real estate transaction without legal representation can quickly turn into a nightmare. We can help you navigate this complex process to protect you financially and legally.

3) CIVIL LITIGATION: We represent clients in matters relating to civil litigation. We’ll help you understand the legal process and your rights, and keep you updated on the status of your case each step of the way. We can shorten the process, which normally may take several years to resolve if done without legal representation.

4) CRIMINAL LAW: We provide legal representation for clients who have been accused of a crime while in Turkey.

5) LAND LAW AND PROPERTY LAW ISSUES: We deal with property law issues.

6) INHERITANCE LAW: We can assist with matters relating to your Will and Turkey’s inheritance laws.

7) TORT LAW: If you had any accident in Turkey while you are on vacation or encounter difficulties with a company that is providing you a service, we offer legal representation to seek compensation for you.

8 ) HUMAN RIGHTS ISSUES: If your primary rights have been infringed by a country which is signatory to European Convention on Human Rights, we can bring a claim against them, asking just satisfaction.

9)We can offer advice and representation on a host of legal matters. If we encounter an area that is outside our expertise we will assist you in finding assistance with the right individual(s).

10) TRANSLATION: All kind of documents and passports can be translated accurately. We also help you with oral translations.


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