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The Beder Law Firm offers legal services to both individuals and business that need legal expertise in conducting business and other legal matters in Turkey.

Real property, civil litigation, criminal defense, human rights inheritance matters are just a few of the many areas of expertise that are part of the Beder Law Firm’s offerings.



1) Who can buy a real estate in Turkey?

There are 183 countries that will be able to buy in Turkey only a few has some restrictions. For example, Greek nationals cannot buy in a sea side city or a city which is by the Turkish borders but they are free to buy in other cities which do not have a sea shore or by the border.

According to the new bylaw, all these 183 nationals can buy in a city or village. They can buy a property, a building or agricultural land. All the restrictions on the foreign nationals have been lifted.
The lucky countries that their nationals can buy in Turkey:

1 Afghanistan
2 Albania
3 Algeria
4 Angola
5 Antigua and Barbuda
6 Argentina
7 Australia
8 Austria
9 Azerbaijan
10 Bahamas
11 Bahrain
12 Bangladesh
13 Barbados
14 Belarus
15 Belgium
16 Belize
17 Benin
18 Bolivia
19 Bosnia and Herzegovina
20 Bostvana
21 Brazil
22 Brunei Darussalam
23 Bulgaria
24 Burkina Faso
25 Burundi
26 Cambodia
27 Cameroon
28 Canada
29 Cape Verde
30 Central African Republic
31 Chad
32 Chile
33 China
34 Colombia
35 Comoros
36 Costa Rica
37 Croatia
38 Czech Republic
39 Denmark
40 Djibouti
41 Dominican Republic
42 Dominika
43 East Timor
44 Ecuador
45 Egypt
46 El Salvador
47 England
48 Equatorial Guinea
49 Estonia
50 Ethiopia
51 Federated States of Micronesia
52 Fiji
53 Finland
54 France
55 Gabon
56 Gambia
57 Georgia
58 Germany
59 Ghana
60 Greece (Outside the coastal and border provinces only )
61 Grenada
62 Guatamala
63 Guinea
64 Guinea-Bissau
65 Guyana
66 Honduras
67 Hungary
68 Iceland
69 India
70 Indonesia
71 Iran
72 Iraq
73 Ireland
74 Israel
75 Italy
76 Ivory Coast
77 Jamaica
78 Japan
79 Jordan
80 Kazakhstan
81 Kenya
82 Kiribati
83 Kosovo
84 Kuwait
85 Kyrgyzstan
86 Laos
87 Latvia
88 Lebanon
89 Lesotho
90 Liberia
91 Libya
92 Lichtenstein
93 Lithuanian
94 Luxembourg
95 Macedonia
96 Madagascar
97 Malawi
98 Malaysia
99 Mali
100 Malta
101 Marshall Islands
102 Mauritania
103 Mauritius
104 Mexico
105 Moldova
106 Monaco
107 Mongolia
108 Montenegro
109 Morocco
110 Mozambique
111 Myanmar
112 Namibia
113 Nauru
114 Netherlands
115 New Zealand
116 Nicaragua
117 Niger
118 Nigeria
119 Norway
120 Oman
121 Pakistan
122 Palau
123 Palestine
124 Panama
125 Papua New Guinea
126 Paraguay
127 Peru
128 Philippines
129 Poland
130 Portugal
131 Qatar
132 Republic of South Korea
133 Republic of South Africa
134 Republic of the Congo
135 Romania
136 Russian Federation
137 Rwanda
138 Samoa
139 San Marino
140 Sao Tome and Principe
141 Saudi Arabia
142 Senegal
143 Serbia
144 Seychelles
145 Sierra Leone
146 Singapore
147 Slovakia
148 Slovenia
149 Solomon Islands
150 Somali
151 South Sudan
152 Spain
153 Sri Lanka
154 St. Kitts and Nevis
155 St. Vincent and the Grenadines
156 Sudan
157 Suriname
158 Swaziland
159 Sweden
160 Switzerland
161 Tajikistan
162 Tanzania
163 Thailand
164 The Principality of Andorra
165 The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (Have the same citizenship rights as Turkish Citizens)
166 Togo
167 Tonga
168 Trinidad and Togado
169 Tunisian
170 Turkmenistan
171 Tuvalu
172 Uganda
173 Ukraine
174 United Arab Emirates
175 United States of America
176 Uruguay
177 Uzbekistan
178 Vanuatu
179 Venezuela
180 Vietnam
181 Yemen
182 Zambia
183 Zimbabwe

2) How can we buy a real estate in Turkey?

Please find a good lawyer to deal with conveyancing. The contract you will sign between parties will not protect your interest therefore please do not hand over your money. Make sure the title deed of the property is free of charge. Make sure, you get your official title deed and register your ownership of the property in the Land Registry.

3) What happens to my real estate in Turkey when I die without leaving a will?

You need to be aware of that the Turkish Inheritance Law is different from English Inheritance Law and on real estates in Turkey Turkish Inheritance Law applies regardless of your nation.

According to Turkish Inheritance Law, the spouse gets 1/4 shares of the estate if there is a child of the deceased and the rest of the estate will be left to the child. Or if there are more than one children the estate will be divided between them equally.

If there is a will, it will change the percentage the spouse and children get. To have more information about Turkish inheritance Law please contact us.

4) I paid a lot of money to the Builder and he does not hand over my title deed. What can I do?

There are two ways to deal with this situation. But before the solutions we need to examine the facts?

Is the builder still around?

if the answer is yes, does he have money to pay you back?

if the answer is yes, we can get your money back or try to get the title deed. Otherwise we are going to have a big problem to solve this matter.

If you have that kind of problem, please get legal help strait away. The written contract you sign between the parties is not going to protect your interest. According to Turkish Law you have to sign your official transaction contract in the Land Registry. The other contracts you sign are not valid in the eyes of Law. They can only be evidence about your payment. Therefore please be careful before you buy or sell any real estate in Turkey because the rules are not the same with English Law.

5) What Do you Need to Know When You Are about To Buy a Property in Turkey!

a) You need to know about the Title Deed Details. You need to know about is there any attachments over the property or any mortgage.

b) Turkish Law is different from English Law therefore please do not hand over the Money before you get your title deed in Land Registry.

c) Signing the selling contract before a lawyer will not protect you. In England when you sign the agreement before a lawyer and Exchange your contracts, you would be protected but in Turkey things are not the same. If you sign the contract between the vendor and purchaser or even you sign the contract before a lawyer will not protect you. If you pay all the Money and if the vendor does not transfer the title deed over to you, you will be left empty handed and there is no other way going to court to ask your money back. To get your Money back you will have to wait 2-3 years for legal process to finish if you are lucky. Sounds not good, does not it?

d) You need to have a lawyer who protects your interest. Please be advised on that, Turkish friends or boyfriends can get you in a trouble, and they will vanish when you have that problem. You will be left all alone in a strange country. Therefore please get some advice when you are about to do anything which will affect your future.

e) Turkish Inheritance Law is different from English Inheritance Law, therefore the will you make to leave everything to your spouse or anyone will not protect your wishes. We have solutions for it.

f) We can help you with marriage, divorce, inheritance law issues, buying or selling properties, criminal law issues, working permission, residency, translation or passports or driving license issues, Title Deeds or any other legal matter.

g) We are here to help you, if you let us..

6) What is your situation If you have an accident while you are on holiday in Turkey?

If you have an accident while you are on holiday and if it is due to the negligence of the company you are dealing with, you can make them responsible paying all your medical bills and other monetary loss as well as your damages for pain and suffering.

You need to speak to an English Speaking Lawyer to understand your situation. We are offering all this help. Advocate Sule BEDER is fluent in English and also has experience with Tort Law issues.

Without an English Speaking Lawyer, you will be lost. Translators, if they do not have any degree in law cannot translate the situation in detail therefore please get in touch with an English Speaking Lawyer who will also take responsibility to search the Company you are dealing with and give you better opinion about what can be done in that situation. We can do that, if you let us!

7) What if you involve in a crime in Turkey?

If you commit a crime in Turkey, the Turkish Criminal Law applies and nobody will care if you do not know the law. Therefore, before giving your statement please get a lawyer who will understand your situation and guide you through it. The first statement you give in Police Station is very important; if you do not get the legal help you may have trouble in the court. You have the right to remain silent, ask one of your families to be notified, ask a lawyer etc. If you know your rights you will be in better position.

The Police investigation takes some time then the Public Prosecutor will prepare an Indictment. The Indictment will show what offence you will be charged with and what the evidence is.

You need to be aware of deportation issues too after you have been found guilty of some offences.

We offer legal help starting with Police Station to the end of court case. We are going to structure your case and help you trough it.

8 )What is Road Tax? Do we have to pay it? What happens if we do not pay it?

Road Tax is kind of council tax. The Municipality gets this tax from the owners of the properties in the area the new road is build. That is why it is called “Road Tax”. It is one off. You do not have to pay it again.

When you pay it straight away the council gives you some discount. There is an option that you can pay it in installments if you like. If you do not pay it this year, you can leave now and you can pay it when you have some money.

They would not come to your house with Bailiff to ask that money, only if you want to sell your property you need to get a document from Council and they do not give you that document before you pay all the outstanding bills.

Council tax is the same, if you do not have money this year, leave it to next near. There will be small interest on it but nothing more. And nobody will ring your doorbell asking for the council tax. However as I stated above, if you would like to sell the property you will have to pay all outstanding bills to the Council.

9 ) How can we organize a protest meeting in Turkey?

According to the Meeting and Protest Act (Reference Number 2911) Article 3, “anyone can organize a demonstration and protest meeting for the purposes which the law does not count as an offence”. However the second paragraph added to the act on 03/08/2002 and it states that “foreigners can organize a demonstration and protest meeting with Home Office’s permission, also foreigners can carry pictures ,bandanas and any other demonstration means in demonstration on condition that the local governor should be notified written 48 hours before the event.

Expressing your thoughts is not an offence; please remember the freedom of speech; however we should follow the rules. As a foreigner, you can organize a protest meeting or demonstration as long as you follow the rules, and get necessary permissions from the Home Office.

There will be a regulatory board consisting of 7 people. One of them should be a chairman. They need to prepare a written notification for the local governor stating the purpose and place and time of the demonstration. This notification should be given 48 hours before the demonstration with the additional documents such as criminal records of the people who is in the regulatory board.