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Sometimes Court Decisions Could be Unjust and Unfair!

Saturday, July 4, 2015 @ 12:07 PM
Author: admin

As lawyers, we sometimes come across some courts that do not understand the matter completely or misapply the law. The court proceedings in Turkey usually take a very long time (3-4 years or more) and sometimes it may end with unjust and unfair result. Therefore, we suggest that you should take precautionary measures through your lawyer in order to protect your money or property before you invest, buy or sell in Turkey. It is really hard to recover the money or property after you lose them while you are buying or selling without any professional assistance.

The legal fee when you go to court could be 5 times higher than the legal fee you can get while you are buying or selling. Also, as we stated above, you may not like the result as the court may not understand the situation or may apply law incorrectly.

We give 100% guarantee for your money or the property if we represent you during buying or selling process. Should you need any further assistance or information, please let us know.

Lawyer Sule Beder

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