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Friday, June 11, 2010 @ 05:06 PM
Author: admin

If would like to work in Turkey either you need to be a Turkish Citizen or you need to have a work permit. Working without a work permit is an unlawful act and the worst result is deportation. Also you and the company you work for will be fined.

If you are on a Tourist visa in Turkey you should not work at all, because in that case you will be deported from Turkey and a year restriction will be placed on your visa. That means you cannot enter this country for a year. This duration can be extended if you do not pay the fine which will be issued after the deportation.

If you have a residency and if you get caught while you are working without a work permit, you will not deported strait away. You will be fined but you are not going to deported but you may have problems for getting a new residency therefore please get a work permit if you would like to work in Turkey.

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