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If you have an accident while you are on holiday and if it is due to the negligence of the company you are dealing with, you can make them responsible paying all your medical bills and other monetary loss as well as your damages for pain and suffering.

You need to speak to an English speaking lawyer to understand your situation. We are offering all this help. Lawyer Sule BEDER is fluent in English and also has experience with Tort Law issues.

Without an English speaking Lawyer, you will be lost in the situation. Translators, if they do not have any degree in law can not translate the situation in detail therefore please get in touch with an English speaking Lawyer who will take responsibility to search the Companies and give you the clear opinion about what can be done. We can do that, if you let us!


About The Lawyer

Tuesday, May 25, 2010 @ 11:05 AM
Author: admin

The Attorney, Sule BEDER, was born in Fethiye in 01.01.1979.

She went to local primary school then moved to Istanbul for high school. (1992-1996)

She has admitted to Ankara University Law Faculty, and graduated from the school with high grade. (1998-2002)

She worked in Law firm in Ankara (2002-2004)

She started to work for Turkish Navy as Legal Advisor in 2004, and attended the general meetings of International Maritime Organization (IMO) in London to represent Turkish Navy.

She went to England to study English Law in 2006. She has done GDL (Graduated Diploma in Law) in English Law in BPP Law School in 2008.

She quit Legal Practice Course in Westminster University to start her own law firm in Fethiye in 2009.

Her Law Firm, BEDER LAW OFFICE, is up and running in Fethiye to help specifically foreign clients who does not know Turkish and Turkish system and need sound legal help.

She is a qualified Turkish Law Attorney (Solicitor, Barrister, Advocate) who has also English Law Diploma that she can compare both Legal Systems. She is fluent in English which there will be no misunderstandings in the appointments. She also works as a “official translator” in Notary Public, Fethiye Courts and Land Registry when it is necessary. She can explain your situation to you in detail and give you the choices with likely cost then you can choose to carry on the way you want.

She can help you to have a friendly settlement (alternative dispute resolution) before start the legal action to save time and Money.